Meet Exec

Gwen Dilworth – President


My name is Gwen Dilworth and I’m a fourth-year from Durham, North Carolina! I’m majoring in American Studies and I’m the President of Challah for Hunger this year. I manage all aspects of Challah for Hunger at UVA from baking to outreach to advocacy efforts, and I’m also the Executive Director of the new UVA Community Food Pantry. My favorite Challah Flavor is Apple Pie!

Julia Riedy – Vice President of Public Relations


Hey y’all. My name is Julia Riedy and I’m from McLean, VA. I’m a Third Year majoring in Biomedical Engineering and I’m the Vice President of Public Relations for CfH this year. My favorite challah flavor is a tie between Scallion Pancake for savory and Bananas Foster for sweet! Y’all should try both! I have been a part of ‘Challah’ since my First Year when I was a Dorm Rep. I absolutely fell in love with the people and their energy. There has never been a baking session where there hasn’t been some form of dancing to throw-backs!!

Kara Braith – Vice President of Baking


I’m Kara and I’m from Ashland VA (just north of Richmond). I am a third year in Comm school and I’m the VP of Baking this year. My favorite challah is pumpkin chocolate chip because yay fall flavors! I’ve been involved with Challah since I started at UVA – first year as a volunteer, second year as a Wednesday shift leader, and now as VP Baking I’m responsible for making the flavor schedule (hit me up with any amazing new flavor ideas), buying ingredients, and overseeing the whole dough-making and baking process. Challah for Hunger has been an amazing experience and one of the best parts of my college career!

Sofia Espinosa – Vice President of Sales


Hey! My name is Sofia and I’m from Richmond, VA. I’m a third year pre-med student majoring in Biology and Psychology. I’m really excited to be Challah’s Vice President of Sales this year. My favorite savory challah flavor is Sriracha Garlic, and my favorite sweet flavor is Apple Pie — it reminds me of home! I’m excited to try all of the great flavors and get to know people at challah baking shifts.

Pascale Starosta – Membership Chair


Hi! I’m Pascale and I’m from Charlottesville. I’m a 2nd year majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in German. I’m the Membership Chair for this year and my favorite flavor challah is chocolate chip. I love working with Challah because I enjoy volunteering for a good cause, and also I love eating bread!!

Anna Glassman – Tuesday Shift Leader


Hey y’all. I’m Anna, I’m a fourth year studying aerospace engineering. I’m from Jacksonville, Florida and my favorite challah flavor is pesto. I like spreadsheets, baby goats, and the oxford comma. Come find me making bread on Tuesdays, I can’t wait for a great year of baking!

Haley Sambursky – Wednesday Baking Shift Co-Leader


Hey there! My name is Haley Sambursky and I’m from Port Washington, NY. I’m a fourth year Biochemistry major and one of the 2 Wednesday Baking and Braiding shift leaders this year! It’s hard to pick my favorite flavor of challah because they are all so delicious… But if I had to choose, Blueberry Muffin and Cinnamon Roll (with the icing cup of course) would have to be my top picks, mmm especially when they are fresh hot out of the oven. I’ve been involved with challah ever since first year. Volunteering here has been one of the highlights of my time at UVA, there’s really nothing better than taking a break from classes and homework to go make bread for a couple hours with some great people and even more AMAZING playlists. Bread is love, bread is life ❤

Ashley Hirt – Wednesday Baking Shift Co-Leader

Hey! I’m Ashley, and I’m from NOVA (Ashburn). If you came last year, you probably know me as the mad woman dashing to and fro delegating tasks 🙂 I’m a second-year majoring in Biology, and I’m the Wednesday Shift Co-Leader for this year. My favorite challah flavor is PLAIN- it’s the best for your wallet and your taste buds. I’m really excited to be leading Wednesday nights with the one and only *Haley*, so if you need anything just look for the chill & skilled redhead (Haley) or the girl running around at warp speeds (me)!

Abri Weissman – Weekly Sales Chair


Hello!! My name is Abri and I’m from Tampa, Fl. I’m a 2nd year majoring in Pre-comm and hopefully minoring in Psychology and I’m the Weekly Sales Chair for CfH this year. My favorite challah flavor is the classic chocolate chip because I have a huge sweet tooth. I’m super pumped to be involved with Challah for Hunger again this year and can’t wait for all the challah puns!

Ellie Goldstein – CBI & Special Sales Chair


Hi! My name is Ellie Goldstein and I’m from Newport News, Virginia. I’m a third year majoring in Computer Science and I’m doing CBI/Special Sales for CfH this year. My favorite challah flavor is s’mores! I’m so excited for another year of volunteering because you get to meet so many cool new people!!

Cameron Jackson – Social Media Chair

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 10.29.58 AM

Hey guys!! I’m Cameron and I’m a second year from Atlanta, GA majoring in biology. I’m so excited to be the Social Media Chair this year (go follow us on everything!!). My favorite flavor of challah is the pumpkin chocolate chip because it tastes like fall (the best season) and I can’t wait to carbo-load this year trying the rest of the challah flavors I still haven’t tried!

Natalia Kulczycki – Education & Advocacy Chair


Hey everyone! My name is Natalia and I’m from Woodbridge, Virginia. I’m a second year who is planning to double major in Computer Science and Russian Area Studies. My favorite Challah flavor (this year) is Sriracha Garlic, revoking my loyalty to Garlic Rosemary. As the Education & Advocacy Chair this year, I would love to talk to anyone about hunger, advocacy projects, carb addictions… or anything else! I’m excited to meet each and every one of you!


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