Meet Exec

Talia Rosen, President

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My name is Talia Rosen, and I am a 4th year from Arlington, Virginia majoring in History. As the President of Challah for Hunger, I manage all aspects of the organization to make sure everything runs smoothly, from baking the challah to engaging members and everything in between. I serve on the Board of our national partner MAZON and am committed to integrating advocacy into all aspects of the organization! My favorite flavor is Everything Bagel. Feel free to reach out to me with ANY CfH questions you have! I can’t wait to get to know everyone 🙂

Chris Arthur, Vice President of Baking


Hi everyone! I’m Chris Arthur, I’m a third year majoring in interpretive dance and South Asian studies. Aside from Sanskrit, Malayalam, and ballet, I’m a huge fan of bad coffee but don’t really like bread that much. Fun fact: I can swallow an entire banana whole! My favorite challah flavor is potato chip. I hope to see you around sometime, whether it be baking or eating challah.

Emily Tu, Vice President of Public Relations

Emily's Challah Pic!

My name is Emily Tu, and I am a 4th year from Richmond, Virginia studying Economics and Chinese. As VP of Public Relations, I help foster relationships with other CIOs and manage our newsletter/social media to promote the growth of our organization. My favorite challah flavor is (of course) Pumpkin Chocolate Chip! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at all!

Abby Herz, Vice President of Sales


Hey everyone! My name is Abby Herz and I am Challah for Hunger’s VP of Sales this year! I am a 4th year in the Comm School studying IT and Marketing. After being abroad in Singapore last semester, I am so thrilled to be back and volunteering with CfH for my last year at UVA! My favorite challah flavor is (the timeless, yet slightly underrated) Garlic Rosemary! If you haven’t had a chance to try it, you definitely should…it’s one of our four weekly flavors!

Julia Riedy, Membership Chair


Hey I’m Julia. I’m a second year pursuing BME. I am the Membership Chair here at CfH. I keep track of volunteer & member’s hours as well as membership recruitment. My favorite challah is Garlic Rosemary (it’s crazy good). I’m from McLean, VA; and I was born 8 hours before 1998.

Stefan Broecker, Tuesday Shift Leader


Hey y’all! I’m Stefan, I’m a fourth year studying art history. I adore painting, lo-fi music/images, roller derby, and man-buns. On Tuesdays, you can usually find me crouched over a bowl of dough since I’m so freaking tall. I would say that my favorite challah is definitely lemon-lime. I hope to see you around some time at dough making!

Anna Glassman, Tuesday Shift Leader


Hey y’all. I’m Anna, I’m a third year studying aerospace engineering. I’m from Jacksonville, FL and my favorite challah flavor is pesto. I like spreadsheets, baby goats, and the oxford comma. Find me making bread on Tuesdays.

Seven Starosta, Wednesday Shift Leader and Webmaster


Hello everyone! I’m Seven, fourth year studying computer science, and almost as pumped as Emily is. My favorite challah is 4 sure hot chocolate!

Haley Sambursky, Wednesday Shift Leader


Hello my fellow bread lovers! My name is Haley Sambursky and I’m a 3rd year Biochemistry major from Port Washington, NY! My favorite challah is probably a tie between maple brown sugar and cinnamon roll (get the icing dudes  you won’t regret it), sooo good like for real get them when you can!  I’m one of the Wednesday shift leaders so you can often find me ripping dough balls and taking names, minus the name taking… So basically I rip dough balls and jam out to Lonely Island… WOOP! SEE YOU GUYS ON WEDNESDAY!!!

Kara Braith, Wednesday Shift Leader


Hi! I’m Kara, one of the Wednesday shift leaders. I am a second year, pre-Comm student from Ashland VA (just north of Richmond). My favorite flavor of challah is probably pumpkin chocolate chip, which I have an unfortunate tendency to eat by the loaf all by myself. Related fun fact: I have never eaten only part of a pint of Ben and Jerry’s at a time. It’s an unhealthy but very fulfilling habit. Plus I just really love both bread and ice cream!

Brittany Yu, Weekly Sales Chair

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Hi! I’m Brittany, a fourth-year studying Computer Science in the engineering school. I schedule the Thursday tabling. My favorite flavor is Cranberry Orange! My hobbies include competitive speed walking and French slam poetry.

Nick Jacka, CBI & Special Sales Chair


Nicholas is a current second year double majoring in German and Global Public Health. Nick is terse.

Sofia Espinosa, Social Chair

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I’m Sofia, and I’m Challah’s Social Chair this year! I’m a second year premed biology major from Richmond, and my favorite challah is definitely the classic chocolate chip challah!

Gwen Dilworth, Education & Advocacy Chair

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Gwen is one of the Education and Advocacy Chairs this year. She’s a third year American Studies major from Durham, North Carolina, and she’s spending her fall semester studying abroad in Amman, Jordan. She dies for CfH’s Apple Pie Challah! Fun fact: Gwen likes to speak about herself in the third person.

Raquel Moya, Education & Advocacy Chair


Hi, friends! I’m Raquel, a fourth year studying biomedical engineering from Albuquerque, NM. I serve as education and advocacy chair, so I’d love to talk hunger, policy and/or anything else with you cool cats. Yay! I have double-crossed my previous favorite flavor (Everything Bagel) to pledge my allegiance to Sriracha Garlic. I eagerly hope to see you around this year!