Meet Exec

Cameron Jackson- President


Hey guys! My name is Cameron Jackson and I am the President of Challah for Hunger this year! I cannot wait to continue my experience with challah- I’ve been involved since my first semester at UVA and its truly given me some amazing friendships and taught me a lot about leadership and service in Charlottesville! My favorite flavor of challah is everything bagel 😀

Nicole Ralsgard – Vice President of Public Relations


Hi! My name is Nicole and I’m from Montevideo, Uruguay! I’m a second year studying Economics and Religious Studies. I’m excited for more people to get to know the story of Challah for Hunger and for them to try our delicious loafs made with love every week!!

Ashley Hirt – Vice President of Baking

Hey! I’m Ashley, and I’m from NOVA (Ashburn). If you came last year, you probably know me as the mad woman dashing to and fro delegating tasks 🙂 I’m a fourth-year majoring in Biology, and I’m the VP of baking for this year. My favorite challah flavor is PLAIN- it’s the best for your wallet and your taste buds. I’m really excited to be back to running around the kitchen making loads of bread!

Eden Olsberg – Vice President of Sales


Challah for Hunger has provided me with such a welcoming community and a chance to give back while doing something that I love!

Rachel Lerner- Membership Chair

52536850_2278284309121372_1364014448511025152_n 2.jpg

I have loved my experience in Challah for Hunger!! Not only am I helping those that are food insecure but I have had so much fun volunteering. I have made amazing friends and have gained really great leadership experience! I am so grateful for my past 2 years in Challah for Hunger and can’t wait to continue volunteering for the next 2!

Lindsey Davidson- Membership Chair and Wednesday Shift Co-Leader


I can’t wait to continue with the amazing experience Challah for Hunger has given me and I hope that everyone can try our delicious challah again soon!!

Adelaide Brooks – Tuesday Shift Co-Leader

pic for challah.jpg

Hi! I’m Adelaide and I’m from Dallas, TX. I am a pre-med fourth year majoring in Human Biology, and I am so excited to be a Tuesday shift leader this year! My favorite challah flavor is s’mores, because I generally love anything that’s s’mores flavored, but there are so many amazing flavors it was hard for me to pick a favorite!

Dori Hochard – Tuesday Shift Co-Leader


Hey my name is Dori, and I’m one of the Tuesday Shift Leads! I love CfH because of the positive community that they welcome you into and continue to build every day!

Jessie Moyer – Social Media Chair


Hi everyone! my name is Jessie and I’m from Arlington, Virginia. Im a third year Media Studies major and challah’s social media director. Im so excited to promote challah in unique ways this year especially during the pandemic and can’t wait to get started!

Sydney Fisher- Wednesday Baking Shift Co-Leader


Challah for Hunger has been really beneficial to my college experience because it has been a lot of fun, super yummy, and eye-opening to the issue of food insecurity today. I can’t wait for to learn and eat more this semester!

AJ Eustace – Weekly Sales Chair

Ariel Arbiv- CBI & Special Sales Chair


Hi! My name is Ariel Arbiv and I am a second year at UVA. I am from Atlanta, GA and love challah! I am a pre-dental student and hopefully majoring in global public health. I have two older siblings and a dog named puppy. Looking forward to this year!

Renée Swager – Education & Advocacy Chair


Hello Everyone! My name is Renée Swager and I’m from Fredericksburg, Virginia! I am a third year double majoring in Economics and Global Development Studies with a minor in Religious Studies. My favorite flavor challah is garlic rosemary; it is seriously the best thing ever 🙂 I am excited to be this year’s Education and Advocacy Chair and work with some pretty amazing people while also getting to meet new faces!!!!

Sarah Raphael – Outreach Chair


I am a second-year from Westchester, NY and am a pre-commerce major interested in marketing. I started challah first year after hearing about how fun it was to bake with fun people and for a good cause! After enjoying my work as a dorm representative, I applied to be Outreach Chair!


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