Group Volunteering

Volunteer as a Group with Challah for Hunger


Every Tuesday and Wednesday, Challah for Hunger has volunteer opportunities at the Brody Jewish Center. Groups can sign up to help with dough-making on Tuesdays from 4-6 pm as well as Wednesdays from 4-6 pm for braiding and baking! No experience is necessary- we’ll teach you everything! Please take a look at our calendar and fill out the form below for your group at least one week prior to your desired volunteer date. 

We can only accommodate ONE group on Tuesday and TWO groups on Wednesday. If you find we have reached this maximum, then simply choose another date that has more availability!

-You can only enter one volunteer date at a time on our form. If you already know the dates that your group will be coming to volunteer in the future, please fill out the form separately each time!

You can find Challah off of Rugby at 1824 University Cir, Charlottesville, VA 22903. The Brody Jewish Center has a small parking lot, so carpool with your friends if you plan to come together! Volunteers can also utilize the free bus system by taking the Inner Loop (get off at Beta Bridge, walk straight ahead, take a left onto University Circle, and then the white building will be on your left!)

***If volunteers know they plan to buy challah after their Wednesday baking session, please encourage them to pre-order their challah! The order form opens on Friday afternoon and closes Monday at midnight. Order now here: