Challah for Hunger during COVID-19

Bearing in mind the current pandemic that impedes us to bake challah together, we are providing you with Challah Baking Kits, a virtual Cookbook, virtual bakes and just a way to donate if you’re feeling generous!

The baking kits will be available every other Friday between 12-2 from designated pick-up locations.

There will be a Google Order Form available on our instagram bio (@challahatuva) and on our website, for the biweekly Baking Kits. The Order Forms should be filled every other week by Mondays at midnight.

The virtual bakes occur on the following Saturday, so use your kit to bake with us!

Payments for any of our products / virtual resources will be through PayPal either in advance for non-pickup products, or using the PayPal app or website. Instructions are posted wherever you are purchasing your CfH at UVA product.